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photo of Sydney Hedderich, doing what she loves best.

Sydney Hedderich
photographed by
Grace Rogulski


Bio in the 3rd person

Sydney Hedderich captures visuals with art to tell a story.

Her keen interest in cameras began at an early age, in her hometown of Caracas, Venezuela. From then on, photography remained a hobby. Until Life took a detour.

A few countries and careers later, Sydney gained certification in photography from Ryerson University. She furthered her experiences in digital processes, portraiture and photojournalism. And she tinkered with creative, in-camera techniques; these led to a visual signature in her fine art photography.

Over the past decade, Sydney has showcased her work in magazines, e-zines, commercial websites and blogs. She has also exhibited in public venues, including galleries and museums.

Based in London, Ontario, she develops new bodies of work and welcomes discussions — in person, by email or phone. That is, when not on the road. For after all, the eyes must travel.

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